Cat Cora iPad App

2012 August 29
by david

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Cat Cora’s iPad app, “Cat Cora’s Kitchen,” designed and developed by Troubadour in partnership with Nimble ChefCat Cora is a world-renowned chef, cookbook author, restaurateur and TV host—most recently of “Around the World in 80 Plates” on Bravo. She remains the only female Iron Chef.

Cat Cora’s Kitchen, now available in the iTunes Store, is a revolutionary new app that takes the stress out of cooking and entertaining. We’re very proud of it because it’s much more than just another digital cookbook.

Cat Cora’s Kitchen features a patent-pending Scheduler that combines instructions from multiple recipes into one easy-to-follow Menu or meal planner. You’ll never have to worry again about what time your meal will be ready.

The app contains over 80 of Cat’s favorite recipes and 30 instructional HD videos showing Cat cooking individual recipes from start to finish. Each recipe displays total preparation time so you can easily select dishes that fit with your schedule.


App Features

• The Scheduler combines multiple recipes into one Menu and displays the steps in a graphical timeline
• Allows you to change the number of servings in each Menu and calculates the new quantity for each ingredient
• Alerts you to potential conflicts in the cooking process, i.e. two dishes require an oven at the same time
• Allows you to set timers for many of the steps
• Creates a single shopping list for each Menu that can be forwarded by email

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